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Bad Movies and Beer

 A movie club podcast that focuses on reviewing B movies and beer from around the world! Each week we will watch a new BAD film, and come up with drinking rules to use while watching the movie.

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Each week, on Thursday, we release a new podcast episode talking about the current weeks B movie and Brew of the Week. We then let you know what movie we are watching next time and the drinking rules we came up with. You can join the discussion on our Facebook page. You can also talk to us on Twitter and Instagram.

A Growing Collection With More Ways to Listen

We are still new to podcasting but you can find the latest episode on our Home page, and all the previous episodes we have done and drinking rules we have used for each movie. Just click the Archive button below!

You now listen on your choice of service from iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, and Podcasts.com!


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All Str No Int


A podcast about media and other forms of entertainment. Typical topics include music, video games, and movies! Listen to them on your favorite place!

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