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We   make a podcast that focuses on reviewing bad movies. We watch films   rated B or lower and then we discuss the things we liked, things that   could have been better, and of course the bad. Inconsistencies, audio,   editing, story, acting, and everything else we found worth mentioning. 

We   play a drinking game while watching the movies. Clemente and I, Oscar,   each come up with a rule and then we drink whenever it happens. We  also  take a rule made by you, the listener. 

We   will also be brewing our own beer. We will post updates on the beer  and  then talk about it on one of our episodes when it is ready. 

Because   brewing beer takes such a long time we decided to drink beers from   around the world while we wait. Each week we will try a different beer   from other countries as our Brew of the Week.

Who we are

Hello,   I am Oscar! I love B movies and talking about them. I was in the USMC   for 4 years, but now I am a student going for Radio Broadcasting.  Podcasting is something I want to do professionally. I really like  beer. 

Clemente,  my  friend and co-host, was the one that came up with the idea to brew   beer. We have never done it and should be a fun experience. He is   studying to be an Electrical Engineer. He likes all types of movies. He  also likes beer. 

"I enjoy bad movies and grew  up watching slasher films and sci-fi movies. I also enjoy trying  different types of beers and trying different types of whiskey.".

Rule rules and drinking game

We  base our rule on things we think will happen in  the movie based on the  synopsis, and only the synopsis. For example, if  the synopsis mentions  that the movie is about cowboys a rule could be  "Whenever someone  rides a horse, DRINK". 

We do not watch trailers or read reviews beforehand and try to watch movies neither of us has seen. 

Then   while we watch the movie we keep track of how many times our rule  comes  up. At the end we tally up the total times our rule showed up,  and the  person that came up with the rule that came up the LEAST takes a  shot.


A ratings and short review of the beers we have had so far.

Beer Ratings

Find a playlist of all our podcast episodes and a Blog about each of the movies we have reviewed.


More about us and about our some of our friends.

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